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Cobra Inverters

The cobra inverters are perfect for those that want to add power to theirtersaful electronics needs. The inverters deliver powerful energy at a low cost of use. This unit is also easy to use with a 12v dc to 120v power input and a usb input for easy storage and charging.

Cobra CPI-2575 2500 WATT 4-AWG Heavy-Duty AC Power Inverter

Cobra CPI-2575 2500 WATT 4-AWG Heavy-Duty AC Power


USD $70.00

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The cobra inverter is a great option for those looking for a powerful power tool inverter. The inverter has a 2. 1a power draw and is new not refurbished.
the cobra cpi-2575 2500 watt 4-awg heavy-duty ac power inverter is perfect for cobra customers who need a high quality, high efficiency cobra inverter. The inverter is built using 4- awg heavy-duty cable and features a custom cable kit that makes it easy to find the perfect wiring for your cobra home.
the cpi490 is a new, compact power inverter that offers lovers of tradeshows a choice they don't have any other way to choose. This inverter is available in 40 watt and 50 watt sizes. It offers a 40 watt size for home use and a 50 watt size for office use. It is also available with a 3 phase or a 6 phase switch. With the 3 phase switch, you can choose to use the inverter with direct current (dc) power or with ac (120v) power. With the direct current (dc) power, the inverter uses no power before it starts to turn on the power supply, thus providing up to 50% power over h on and h off times of 10 minutes. This size can also be used with batteries that have a capacity of 30 or 45 watt hours. The 50 watt size can provide up to 50% power over h on and h off times of 10 minutes. Finally, the 3 phase switch allows the user to use 3 different power levels (active, passive, or 3 phase) with a total of 50 watts.